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My style I show

 ——Show myself



In order to show the company's positive spirit of vigorous development, enhance the friendship between colleagues, and strengthen the cohesiveness between the various departments, the company will hold a year-end commendation meeting and the New Year's party at the end of each year, to award those colleagues who work hard over the past year, and at the same time, to give a stage for the colleagues to show their styles.

Full of passion

——Club of culture and sports



The company advocates happy work and healthy living, and arranges various healthy and beneficial cultural and sports activities such as badminton, basketball and photography competitions to enhance the physique of employees, creates a united, cooperative and energetic team, and to create a healthy and active corporate culture. Activities such as badminton, basketball and football competitions will be organized from time to time. Interested colleagues are welcome to join our club. We are looking forward to your passion and sweat!

Elegant life

——Wine tasting party



China has a long history of winemaking, and there are countless famous wines. Wine tasting can be derived to the ancient times. Scholars and literatus gathered together to taste wine and appreciate poetry, presenting their mind to the landscapes. Tasting a good cup of wine just like enjoying a good painting, listening to a good song, which makes people linger and linger. In order to promote and inherit the wine culture, popularize the knowledge of wine culture, and deepen employees' understanding of wine culture, the company will organize white wine and red wine tasting events from time to time to lay a foundation for employees to pursue quality life.

Super warm welfare

                  ——Travel annually


In order to enhance the cohesiveness of the company and its internal staff, promote the overall positive, harmonious and free working atmosphere, and to increase the learning fun of employees outside of work and life, the company organizes team building activities annual. All departments take "group building" as its main purpose and organize outdoor activities, theme activities, team travel and other activities. The company provides employees with subsidies for fixed quarterly team building activities to strengthen team internal communication and enhance team cohesion.

Surprise on birthday

——Happy  Birthday


In order to reflect the company's humanized management and care for employees, enhance employees' recognition and belonging to the company, and to make employees truly integrate into the Innorev family, the birthday employ will not only participate in the birthday party organized by the company, but also receive a birthday greeting card, birthday shopping card and surprising small gifts from the company's General Manager.

Enjoy "slow time"

——Exclusive afternoon tea


In order to reflect the care of Innorev employees, ease the intense work, cultivate team and cooperation ability, and mobilize the overall enthusiasm, the 3:00 PM around every day is set up as afternoon tea time, when the employees can sit in the tea room and eat various kinds of food and fruit, relax and communicate with colleagues at the same time, enjoy leisure time and share a happy life!

Warm blessing

                  ——Mother's Day DIY


"The maternal love is just like the sun in the sky." We gradually grow up insensibly, and our care is more selfless and greater. In the down turn, maternal love is hope; in grief, maternal love is comfort. In the memory of life, maternal love is the warmest and most memorable. On the occasion of the annual Mother's Day, the company will organize a DIY event, to show our love for the great mother by our words and actions.

It is the taste we eat, and it is the atmosphere we barbecue 

 ——BBQ Time



Barbecue, cumin powder, oil, everyone prepares the materials for barbecue. Seeing the charcoal fire burning, everyone is eager to try. "I want to eat roasted meat!" Someone shouted in the crowd. The cooker brushed the oil and turned up and down patiently. When the delicious smell spread out, the cooker was full of accomplishment. Innorev BBQ Time began...

All of one heart



In order to thank our colleagues for their dedication to the company, the company will issue long-term service awards to colleagues who have worked for five and ten years in July each year, and present a thank-you feast with different topics.